At Glance

Most common judicial forms of the courts in the world are divided into three stages:

1-Court of First Instance: The first degree of litigation.
2-Court of Appeal: The second degree of litigation.
3-Court of Cassation: Highest & final level of litigation.

Dubai Courts with its three levels of Primary, Appeal and Cassation courts was not established by a single law since its beginning. But there were a number of laws issued consecutively for its establishment, whereas the first law was issued on 8th September 1970 to establish Dubai Courts by specifying Chief justice and dividing them into Personal Affairs and Civil courts, and by specifying two degrees of litigation; the First Instance Court and Appeal Court. subsequently, Law No. (2) of 1979 was issued for the formation of the Supreme Court of Appeal, then issued Law No.(1) of 1988 to constitute the Court of Cassation. The condition remained unchanged until the law on the formation of the courts in the Emirate of Dubai law No.(3) of 1992 which brought together three courts under the umbrella of one law and resolved that the courts are consisting of three courts: Cassation, Appeals and the Court of First Instance.

Then law No.3 of 2000 was issued which declared the establishment of the Department called the Department of the courts and gave courts the authority to regulate the courts of Dubai, in both financial and administrative aspects and the said law defined powers of the court and named its departments as technical, financial and administrative departments.

The condition remained unchanged until the issuance of Law No. 1 of 2003 for the establishment of Department of Justice. This law empowered department and put the courts and public prosecution with all their powers and their previous departments under its umbrella. Supervision of Judicial Inspection Authority was as well included in that, relying on the laws passed to regulate affairs of the courts, Public prosecution and Judicial Inspection Authority separately.

After that law of 2005 passed which abolished the law No.1of 2003 which established the Department of Justice thereafter law No 6 issued , which separated the Public prosecution from the courts and restored it previous status. Finally the law for the year 2005 regulated the Dubai Courts, which renamed the Dubai Courts, as (Dubai Courts) and restructured departments and remained so till today