Case Registration

Please note that this service needs to pass through the basic stages for accepting the application and processing the case's registration. We also wish to note for the necessity of providing e-mail  address and mobile number of the applicant for communication purposes.
Application stage:
Step 1: Identify contact details of the applicant and specify the type of the case, subject matter, claim value and the basic case, if any. After saving the said data, an order number will be issued.
Step 2: Enter the details of party or parties who are filling the case or retrieve their data thereof. Identify their Lawyer /proxies assigned to each party.
Step 3: Enter or identify the litigant party or parties in the case.
Step 4: Attach the claim memo and the document portfolio, if any, and supportive documents of the case.
Step 5: Verify the application and the accuracy of the data and send it.
Stage of Review by the Personal Status Department - Al Garhoud: The customer will attend the Central Services Department (e- services counter) and provides the number of the e-application to the incharge Staff along with all the required and relevant documents as the latter completes the registration procedures of the case.
Important Note: Applications that require payments or modifications will be canceled automatically if no action has been taken by the client within three working days for appeal cases, ten days for primary and execution cases and fifty working days for other types of cases.