Aircraft Attachment Request

DC:Attachment ' Travel Ban
This service allows the applicant to request provisional or executive attachment on aircraft to preclude the debtor from any disposal compromising the distrainers right, in order to be delivered to the prevailing party to enforce the judgment or to be sold and redeem the enforced right of its price.
The provisional distrainer shall, within no later than eight days from the date of imposing attachment, file claim before the competent court of the right affirmation and attachment validity, in the cases where the attachment is by order of the judge of summary proceedings, or the attachment shall be regarded as null and void.
Subject to the venue, any person of 21 lunar years old shall have the right to submit this application.
The right holder may appoint an attorney enrolled in Dubai or up to fourth degree relative to act for him before the Court.
A minor shall be represented by his trustee or guardian, while the interdicted shall be represented by his curator, and the absent and the lost shall be represented by the judicial agent.
Civil and commercial establishments and companies shall be represented by the owner or manager.
The provisional attachment application is provided at the Central Services Division at the Main Building of Dubai Courts. However, the executive attachment application is provided by the competent judicial circuit of execution.
Required Documents
1.personal ID and capacity of applicant (National identitiy card)
2.(required documents for precautionary attachment) Written evidence which proves the right for the claim (if found)
3.(required documents for precautionary attachment) An accaptable guarntee to the court ensuring there in all damages and losses may sustained buy deptor in case being the credetor's claim fallctions.
4.(required documents for precautionary attachment) undertaking to provide an evidential proof about filing law suit  within 8 days  from pronouncment  of judgmenter in case  the law suit had not been filed at the time of  restriction claim.
5.(required documents for precautionary attachment) official copy of title deed of plan to be attached.
Service Fees 
1. service fee
40000 dhs
2. knowledge Dirham
10 dhs
3. Innovation Dirham 2.5% if more
10 dhs
Access Channels
Access Channel Type
2.Over the counter
3.mPhone Hybird
4.mTablet Hybird
Delivery Channels
2.Over the counter
3.mPhone Hybird
4.mTablet Hybird