Application for Maternity Cornfirmation

DC:Attestations  Relating to Personal Status:Kinship  and Custody
This service allows the customer to authenticate her acknowledgement of motherhood of a person of unknown Kinship  and that she gave birth to him.
The person acknowledged for must appear and approve the acknowledgement of the acknowledger, if he is adult.
The person acknowledged for should be of unknown Kinship .
The difference of age between the acknowledger and person acknowledged for must corroborate the representation truth.
If the acknowledger is a married woman or in the Waiting Period, then the child lineage to her husband is proved only if her husband confirms same.
The birth certificate of the son acknowledged for must be presented.
This service is provided by the Personal Status Services Division in the Personal Status court building- ALGarhood
Terms and conditions 
1. Presence of the Applicant.
2. Presence of two Muslim witnesses.
3. The presence of the children if they are 18 years old or older.
4. This service is for the citizens of Dubai and UAE citizens and Expatriates residing in Dubai.
Required Documents
1.Produce ID card.
2.Produce the original birth certificates of the children.
Service Fees 
1. Registration Fee
200 dhs
2. Knowledge Dirham
10 dhs
3. Innovation Dirham
10 dhs
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