Judgement Publications

The Dubai Courts are consisting of three courts: Cassation, Appeal and the Courts of First Instance as per Judicial system prevailed in Dubai and UAE. And the specialized courts are under the umbrella of the First Instance Courts, Each one of them have separate Chief Judge and Judicial Circuits which are as follows: Civil Court, Commercial Court, Labour Court, Real Estate Court, Execution Court, Criminal Court, Personal Status Court. The Commercial, Civil, Labour, Real Estate Courts consists of partial and full jurisdiction circuits. The difference between the partial and the full jurisdiction is not in their legal jurisdiction per se but rather in their structure and the claim values of the cases that appear before them. The partial jurisdiction circuits comprise of an individual judge considering claim values less than 1 million dirhams, whereas a three judges panel considers the full jurisdiction cases and considers claims valued at more than 1 million dirhams. The Judgments in these courts are published and available from year 2010 until now, And the judgments in previous years are available for subscribers over the smart services.