License and Subscription

A service that allows customers to submit a request to obtain a user name to manage their electronic and smart services, such as (registering cases - submitting requests, notes and documents - reviewing cases - directing litigants services).
Main Service 
Administrative Services
A service provided by Dubai Courts to its customers through which they can obtain many administrative services, such as subscription and payment
All Customers
• Trade license viewing
• Approved Mobile number
• Approved E-mail Address
• Presence of establishment owner personally or its legal representative, Provided that there is a relationship up to the fourth degree

• Presence of company chairman personally or its legal representative, provided that to be from company staff.
Service Channels
Individuals: a user name to be obtained through the digital ID (UAEPASS)
Institutions and companies: the main building of Dubai Courts.
Customer Journey
- Creating an account of digital ID
- Logging into Dubai courts website and complete steps of account link
- Obtaining a user name and password at same moment.
Institutions and companies
- Presence to the main Building of Dubai Courts
- File and documents viewing
- Obtaining a user name and password at same moment via Email within at least 3 business days
- Obtaining a user name and password of Dubai Courts services.