Affidavits and Authentication

 This service allows clients to obtain certifications and permissions and documentation of transactions, actions and statements relating to Personal Status unless there is a dispute.
Main Service 
Personal Status Certifications
This is an attestation service performed by the Personal Status Court as part of its jurisdiction for documents such as authentication of marriage contracts and providing social status certificates of members of society.
All citizens and residents of the emirate of Dubai
• Upload an official private power of attorney (if a representative exists) in PDF format.
• There are additional requirements that shall be confirmed through the Dubai Courts call center.
One of the parties shall be a citizen or resident of the Emirate of Dubai.
 Personal attendance is required or the representative under a certified private power of attorney, and presenting the original ID, in order to read the identity details of the concerned person.
The presence of two Muslim witnesses (males) and a non-Muslim can witness in the transactions of non-Muslims.
All documents should be soft copies in PDF format, provided that the same shall be translated into Arabic as legal translation approved by the Ministry of Justice in the UAE, and if issued from outside the country, the same shall be certified by the official authorities: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the concerned country, the UAE embassy in the concerned country and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, UAE.
AED 200
Service Channels
Dubai Courts website (Prior registration is required)
Government service centers
Accredited and legitimate marriage officer
Dubai Courts Service Centre - Al Yalayis
Customer Journey
Make an oral request and submission of documents
Appearance of the parties before the judge or the marriage officer
Receive the Transaction