Marriage Contracts

This service allows clients to draw marriage contracts at the specified court branches or to conduct a marriage contract outside the court, which is performed by the authorized court official at the residence of the clients located within Dubai.
Main Service 
Personal Status Certifications
This is an attestation service performed by the Personal Status Court as part of its jurisdiction for documents such as authentication of marriage contracts and providing social status certificates of members of society.
All citizens and residents of the emirate of Dubai
Presenting the original Emirates ID card of all parties of the contract (engaged - guardian - witnesses)
Original medical examination (for the engaged) from an accredited government medical center
Special Power of Attorney (in case of agent)
There are additional requirements in special cases to be confirmed through the Dubai Courts Contact Center.
One of the parties is a citizen or resident of the Emirate of Dubai
Personal presence or through the legal agent as per an official power of attorney
Witnesses must be male
The age of the engaged should be 18 lunar and above.

The documents and Power of Attorneys
All documents or Power of Attorneys must be translated into Arabic legal translation certified by the UAE Ministry of Justice.
All documents and Power of Attorneys if they are from outside the country that must be certified by the concerned authorities: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the concerned country, the United Arab Emirates Embassy in the concerned Country and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United Arab Emirates.
Issuance of marriage contract AED 200
Service Channels
Dubai Courts Services Center - WAFI MALL
Dubai Courts Service Center - Al Barsha Mall
Al adheed centers
Hatta center
Accredited and legitimate marriage officer
Customer Journey
Make an oral request and submission of documents
Appearance of the parties before the judge or the marriage officer
Receive the contract 
Paper marriage contract