Attestation of Powers of Attorney

This service allows clients to obtain an authorization which enables them to delegate others to take their place in all desired transactions.
Main Service 
Notary public
This is a service provided by Dubai Courts relating to the ratification of the personal signatures of parties to the transaction in person or in the presence of their representative to verify their capacity and their knowledge of the subject of the document.
All Customers
- Copy of the Emirates ID card for all parties to the contract.
- Power of Attorney form to be certified by the number of parties with a copy of the notary.
- Trade license for companies and institutions (for all parties)
- Attaching contracts and related documents such as: land map, property ownership, car ownership
In case of service request in Service centers Private Notary Offices :
- Personal or agent presence is required by official power of attorney.
- Present the Emirates original identity card of the parties of the contract
- The applicant or legal representative must have completed 21 lunar  or Gregorian years and, if less, then the guardian, or curator shall apply on his behalf.
- If the warner person is interdicted, he shall act on his behalf to sign the valuable contract after obtaining permission from the competent authority.
The documents and Power of Attorneys
All documents or Power of Attorneys must be translated into Arabic legal translation certified by the UAE Ministry of Justice.
All documents and Power of Attorneys if they are from outside the country that must be certified by the concerned authorities: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the concerned country, the United Arab Emirates Embassy in the concerned Country and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United Arab Emirates
- Attestation on  Powers of Attorney of each parties of the Power of Attorney AED 100 of the parties to the document.
-   Entering the transaction data electronically by the notary AED  100 for each signature of the parties to the document.
Service Channels
•   Dubai Courts website
• Dubai Courts Service Center - Al Twar Center
• Dubai Courts Service Center - Wafi Mall
• Dubai Courts Service Center - Traffic Department Al Barsha
• Dubai Courts Service Center - Al Barsha Mall
• Hatta Center
•   Private Notary offices
Customer Journey
1. Submission of the application
2. Approval of the application by the notary public
3. Notary review for the electronic service (as scheduled)
4. Get the transaction
Attested Power of Attorney