Power of Attorneys Ratification

This service allows clients to obtain an authorization which enables them to delegate others to take their place in all desired transactions.
Main Service 
Notary public
This is a service provided by Dubai Courts relating to the ratification of the personal signatures of parties to the transaction in person or in the presence of their representative to verify their capacity and their knowledge of the subject of the document.

Note: This service requires logging in with a username and password of the application by the notary public.
All Customers
1-    Enter the details of attorneys by their Emirates ID card or upload their Emirates ID card or passports in PDF format.
2-    Upload the documents proving the capacity and validity of the legal representative (if any) in PDF format.
3-    Upload the trademark registration certificate in case of selecting the terms of power of attorney for trademarks in PDF format.
4-    Upload the facility license in case of selecting the terms of power of attorney for companies and institutions in PDF format.
5-    Upload the Heir Determination Certificate / Death Certificate in case of selecting the terms of power of attorney for inheritance in PDF format.
6-    Upload the Guardian’s Death Certificate in case of selecting the terms of the powers of attorney for marriage in PDF format.
7-    Upload the Marriage Contract/ Marriage Certificate in case of selecting the terms of power of attorney for divorce in PDF format.
8-    Upload the Property Title Deed in case of selecting the terms of power of attorney for a Property in PDF format.
9-    Upload the Vehicle Ownership Certificate in case of selecting the terms of the power of attorney for the vehicle in PDF format.
10-    Upload the contracts and related documents in case of selecting the terms of powers of a power of attorney for the establishments in PDF format.
1-    If any part is interdicted, the Guardian shall act on his behalf to sign after obtaining permission from the competent authority.
2-    All documents should be soft copies in PDF format, provided that the same shall be translated into Arabic as legal translation approved by the Ministry of Justice in the UAE, and if issued from outside the country, the same shall be certified by the official authorities: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the concerned country, the UAE embassy in the concerned country and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, UAE.
Attestation on Powers of Attorney of each parties of the Power of Attorney AED 100 of the parties to the document plus AED 20 Knowledge and Innovation.
Service Channels
• Dubai Courts website (Prior registration is required)
• Authorized law firms
• Dubai Courts Service Center - Wafi Mall
• Dubai Courts Service Center - Traffic Department Al Barsha
• Dubai Courts Service Center - Al Barsha Mall
• Hatta Center
• Private Notary offices
• Dubai Courts Service Centre - Al Yalayis

* Service Hours: working days (Monday - Friday) from 8:00am to 8:00pm, and on Friday until 11:30 am
* Service Hours of Private Notary offices, according to the office’s working hours
Customer Journey
1-    Submission of the application (choosing the type of service - entering data and identification number - choosing items of materials - attaching documents supporting the service - electronic payment of fees).
2-    The stage of automatically directing the system to the editor, so that the system determines its exit based on the service settings or the client’s choice of the controlled or free editor during the editor’s selection stage, which determines the service’s need for scrutiny without the presence of the parties or their virtual or personal presence, based on the data and information entered by the applicant in the Identification of the parties and their electronic signature.
3-    Legal and administrative audit by the auditor on the transaction by reviewing the entries, fees, editor and attachments with verification of agencies in the event of a non-personal representation of one of the parties to the transaction.
4-    Approval or requesting modifications to the transaction to be completed by the client before sending it back for verification or rejection with reasoning.
5-    Signature and approval of the service provider.
6-    Communicating with the client through the notary public, if necessary.
7-    Get the transaction via e-mail.
Attested Power of Attorney
* Please note that this service requires authentication