Cheque Execution 

This service allows litigants to obtain the execution writ and to  enforce  execution writ chaques  by force for the executive cheques, if the payment is not made  with consent, the cheque  which included in Federal Decree Law No. 14 of 2020 amending some provisions of the Commercial Transactions Law passed by Federal Law No. 18 of 1993 when the cheque is issued or If the headquarters of the drawee bank or the domicile or residence of the executor against it is within the jurisdiction of the Dubai Courts
Main Service 
A service that allows litigants to enforce orders, judgments and decisions issued by Dubai Courts, judgments of Dubai Financial Center Courts, conciliation settlements minutes  and authenticated documents, as well as to execute cheques and draft judgments if the same is authorized by the competent court, including judgments already issued by applying the executive writ to foreign judgments issued by the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council whenever the domicile of convict or his funds fall under the jurisdiction of Dubai Courts.
All the beneficiaries litigants from the bounced cheques from the drawee bank without cashing partially or fully, and liable to  be enforced in Dubai Courts, as per the  jurisdiction
Fill online the execution form with a request to put execution writ request and the documents.
Upload certificate with international account number   for the execution applicant in PDF format.
Upload certificate from the cheque-drawn bank in PDF format, containing the following information:
•   Name of the account holder in both Arabic and English.
•   His full address and e-mail listed in the bank's system.
•   His Means of communication listed in the bank's system and the contract with the account holder.
•   The identity number or passport number of the account holder (debtor) with residence permit (if any).
•   Trade license for companies with ID number or passport number and director's residence.
•   Employer of the debtor and his work details, if any.
•   Other accounts in the bank belongs to the account holder having balance (pre-query).
•   Details of the drawer who signed the cheque with his identity number, passport number, and power of attorney.
•   The name of the beneficiary receiving amount cheque with his ID number or passport number.
•   The recipient's data for the value of the cheque from the address and means of communication.
•   Reason of bouncing the cheque without disbursement.
•   The date of bounced cheque and the branch drawn on it.
•   The value of the cheque and disbursed amount  and the remaining amount.
The cheque must be within jurisdiction of the execution court as not to be among the circumstances of incrimination  related to the cheque: such as  crimes of cheque forgery, cheque fraud by giving instruction  to the bank not to disburse the cheque , without right withdrawing entire balance before issuing date of the cheque, and deliberately writing or signing the cheque in a way that prevents it to disburse .
Complete the data according to the execution from list specified for cheques, and all documents should be electronic and in PDF format.
If the documents are in a language other than Arabic, it must be translated into Arabic, legal translation approved by the UAE Ministry of Justice.
Fees of cheque execution request are as under:
1. For a request to put the execution writ on the cheque, a fee of: 50 dirhams + 10 dirhams innovation fee + 10 dirhams knowledge fee.
2. A travel ban request fee of 300 + 10 dirhams innovation fee + 10 dirhams knowledge fee.
3. On the request for executing the cheque, a fee equal to (2%) of the value of the cheque or of the remaining value of the cheque for which execution is requested, and the fee to be collected may not be less than (200) dirhams, and not more than (5000) dirhams + 10 dirhams as a fee Innovation + 10 dirhams' knowledge fee.
4. The expenses of the (Tableeg) company are 105 dirhams.
Service Channels
Dubai Courts website (Prior registration is required)
Government service centers
Authorized law firms
Customer Journey
The journey of the customer requesting execution:
1.    After registering the file, the client will get a decision to issue execution writ as well as a decision to prevent the person executed against from traveling in the circumstances determined by the execution judge.
2.    To notify   debtor at the exact address mentioned in the list.
3.    After passing 15 days from the notification of the debtor legally, the Applicant submits a request to inquire and attach the apparent funds of the debtor and to proceed with the sale procedures and to request for warrant for debtor to bring him .

Journey of the client the debtor :
Payment of the claimant amount under as per the payment order in the notification.
Or, within 15-day from the date of the notification, a settlement draft shall be submitted to pay the claimed amount, including a disclosure report of his funds and financial obligations issued by Al-Etihad Credit Bureau, a salary certificate, a list of vehicles, commercial licenses, shares, bonds and real estate owned by him.
He can register a substantive execution dispute with serious reasons about the cheque’s entitlement or his quittance , after paying a security deposit of (5,000) five thousand dirhams, (refundable) if the dispute is accepted however the same (security) will be confiscated if he loses the objection . The dispute shall not be accepted if it is not accompanied by Proof of insurance deposit

Permissibility of objection payment of a cheque :
The owner to whom chaque is issued to its bearer or got destroyed, he may object to drawee’s bank to pay its value, and the drawee bank may refrain from payment chaque value to the holder and set aside the fulfillment of the cheque until a decision is made in its matter.
Provided that the withdrawn bank, at the expense of the opponent, shall publish the number of the lost or destroyed cheque, its amount, the name of the drawer, the name of the opponent and his address in one of the daily newspapers issued in the state in the Arabic language. Any transaction pertaining the cheque after the date of publication shall be null.
Dispute in the objection and Entitlement claim
1.  The holder of the cheque objecting to the payment of its value may dispute with the withdrawn bank which the objection is drawn, and deliver the cheque to the bank in exchange for receipt, and then notify the objector of the name and address of the cheque holder.
2.  The objector must file a claim for the cheque’s entitlement within 30 days from the date of receiving the notification, and the withdrawn bank may not pay its value except to the two opponents who present it to him by a final judgment of his ownership of the cheque or by an amicable settlement approved by both parties acknowledging his ownership.
3.  If the objector fails to file a claim for cheque’s entitlement within the period mentioned in the previous paragraph, the holder of the cheque must get a judgment from the judge of summary matters that the objection shall not be considered, and such  situation the holder of the cheque shall be considered to the withdrawing bank to be its owner.

A claim for ownership of a cheque and a claim for payment :
If six months elapsed from the date of the objection without claim for the payment by the chaque holder, the objector may, during the following month, file a case before the competent court against the drawee, seeking  judgment for  ownership of the cheque and authorizing him to receive its value.
If the objector does not file the claim referred to in the previous paragraph, or a judgment reject it, the withdrawn bank must re-enter the consideration for payment on the assets side of the drawer's account.
Electronic Decision: Execution of the verdict or disbursement of amount
* Please note that this service requires authentication