Execution Complications & Disputes

This service allows litigants and any interested party to present an application to consider the subject and procedures related to the execution of judgments with the purpose of preventing , staying, continuing or nullifying it
Main Service 
This is a service that allows clients to execute Dubai Courts issued orders, judgments and decisions, the DIFC court rulings, the minutes of the settlement agreements, certified judgment drafts if the competent court's authorizes, the executive provisions of foreign judgments and deputations referred to the Court from the other emirates and GCC countries when the domicile of the defendant or his property is within Dubai Courts' jurisdiction.
All litigants - as per the Civil Procedure Code
Copy of Emirates ID Card (for all executive parties)
Issuing a decision approving the implementation of the executive version of the judgment
Copy of:
- Statement of Confusion or Disputes
- Docket includes (Supporting documents)
- Commercial license for companies, Institutions (for all parties)
 Official Power of attorney (in case of Attorney)
“In case of registration in Al-Adeed centers:

Present the original Emirates identity card of the concerned person or his agent.
Attendance of sessions:
Personal or agent presence is required by official power of attorney.
Individuals and Institutions: Attendance of the concerned person or the attorney up to the fourth degree is required by an official power of attorney or by a certified lawyer in the Emirate of Dubai under an official power of attorney.

Companies: The company’s director whose name is present in the trade license or attorney certified in the Emirate of Dubai by an official power of attorney.

The applicant or legal representative must have completed 21 lunar years and, if less, then the guardian, or curator shall apply on his behalf.
The documents and Power of Attorneys
All documents or Power of Attorneys must be translated into Arabic legal translation certified by the UAE Ministry of Justice.
All documents and Power of Attorneys if they are from outside the country that must be certified by the concerned authorities: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the concerned country, the United Arab Emirates Embassy in the concerned Country and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United Arab Emirates.
Confusion fee of AED 500
Service Channels
Personal Status Court
Dubai Courts website (Prior registration is required)
Aladheed centers
Customer Journey
1. Confusion Registration
2. Attend the sessions
3. Verdict
Electronic Judgment