Urgent Actions

What is the difference between the urgent case and the other civil cases?
The urgent case is aimed for getting an urgent temporary legal protection that doesn't affect the principal right and subject of the dispute.
How can I get the resolution/judgment for the urgent case?
By personal request or through an attorney from the Court Clerks Bureau or the Archive.
Can I file an urgent case at evening time ?
Yes , you can file an urgent case in the evening time.
Is there a session held for the urgent cases?
Yes there are sessions held for the urgent cases.
Do I have another choice if I don't agree for the decision/order/urgent judgment?
Yes , by resubmitting the order on petition if it was related to a petition and bringing a complaint in the same application against the order issued and by appealing if the matter was regarding an urgent case.
How can I  guarantee granting  my rights as fast as possible from a person who is trying to escape ?
By submitting an application to the urgent matters judge or to the department looking in the subjective case constitute of preventing the debtor (person who tries to escape) from traveling provided that the right claimed should not be less than 10000 dirhams (ten thousand dirhams) unless this right is an alimony or known and due and not restricted by a provision ,fixed by a written document plus submitting a bail to guarantee every damage or harm caused to that person as a result for travel prevention. If there was no existing subjective case then the order of traveling prevention should be followed by the subjective case within eight days otherwise this matter is abate.