Tasks and Speciality

What are the jurisdictions of the Notary Public?
As per law:
1- Writing contracts and documents and this task is practically suspended due to huge number of contracts and documents transacted every day exceeding 500, while some of them are in several pages which need tremendous manpower and big financial resources as well as facilities and time, besides providing translation facility to multiple languages. Dealing of Notary public with this task will restrict the liberty of parties in drafting  the agreements according to their choice of language.
2- Authentication of concerned party's signatures in their contracts and agreements.
3-Endorsing dates in the customary documents.
Can I attest a contract or deed legal document written in English?
No, contracts and documents must  be written in Arabic, but it is a possible that the document is written in Arabic and any other language  in the same papers of contract or document.

I intend to perform a contract or a document without referring to a lawyer or legal adviser for its preparation, how can I perform that?

In the Court's premises  a special typing services office is provided where typing of some of the power of attorneys, contracts and declarations are  available for affordable fees.
  This service is provided by the Department to accelerate, simplify these transactions, and to shorten the time for the clients, as well as the effort and also to reduce the cost thereof.