Case Registeration

To whom shall we give the declaration in the court?
The pleading or the declaration should be submitted at the registration section in the court.
Can one party in the case retain more than one advocate in the same case?

Yes ,as there is no legitimate provision which forbids that.

How the Claim is estimated if the Claimed amount isn't in U.A.E Dirham?

If the Claimed Amount isn't in U.A.E. Dirham the value of the Claim estimated in equivalent amount of that amount in the currency of the Country.
I am the plaintiff and I didn't attend the first session ,what may happen in this case?
In the event of you or an attorney don't attend the case the Judge decides to delete the case.

When does the time of challenge in judgment begin if the judgment is already issued?

1- The time of challenging begins in the next day of it's issuance if it is in presence and in the second day of notifying the sentenced person if it is in tantamount presence unless the Law states otherwise.
2- The time of challenging may start from the next day to the notification of judgment if the litigation comes an end for any reason even after closing the pleading and the judgment issued to not sue who act as a defendant who deceased, lost his capacity in litigation or lapsed it.
3- The notification of judgment should be served to sentenced person personally, in his home country or at his place of work.
4- The time of challenging also apply on the party serves the notification of judgment.
5- The right of challenge the judgments will drop due to the failure to follow up the challenge time and the Court will order sentence to drop it on it's own.
When is it permissible to Challenge the Judgment?

It is not permissible to Challenge the Judgments issued during the Claim procedures which did not end the litigation except the judgments of urgent matters, judgments issued to stay the claim, the judgments liable to execute by force, judgments issued of non- jurisdiction, and jurisdiction judgments if the court isn't authorize to issue the judgment of the claim.