What are the types of Personal Matters Cases?

Cases arise from family relationships: Fatherhood, Motherhood,  Filiation And Others?
1- Matrimonial Maintenance: it is a Case filed by wife against her husband filed him to pay her matrimonial expenses.
2- Children Maintenance: a Case raised against the father compelling him to pay his Minors' Maintenance.

3- Maintenance of Parents or one of them: a Case filed by one of the parents against an opulent son forcing him to pay maintenance for the one who claim.
4- Maintenance during the Period of Iddat: a Case raised by the divorced against her divorcee compelling him to pay her during the period of Iddat.
5- Divorce Compensation: a Case filed by legally married  woman against husband who had divorced her, she ask compensation for the divorce.
6- Dropping, Decreasing or Increasing of Maintenance Amount: a Case raised by a person who has interest to decrease or increase the maintenance amount decided by the Court in the past.
7- Proof of Custody: a Case in which the claimant proves that the minor or the minors is/ are in  his Custody.
8- Custody Charge: a Case raised by the divorced after finishes Iddat or by the custodial other than mother asking for a charge of the custody.
9- Allow Father, Mother or Grand Father to see Child: It is a case raised by one of them asking the custodial to allow him see the child.
10- Changes in duration of Child visit: a Case filed by the custodial or his opponent to modify the period visit of the child has been determined by the court before.
the Claim of Custody against the custodial in such case the claimant ask the court of drop the custody of the custodial and handover child to him.