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I would to file a lawsuit, where do I go?
All lawsuits are to be registred through the electronic case registration system via the Dubai courts website through the accredited law firms in the emirate of Dubai or the government service centers or through self-service through a pre-suscription to the smart electronic services of the Dubai courts.
Can I register a case in person and follow up and submit application?
Yes you can, If you have a username.
Are there any subscription fees?
It is free for  Individuals, organizations, and companies.
However, there are fees for law firms
What are the requirments for accepting documents issued from outside the country? (outside UAE)
All documents must be translated in Arabic, legal translation  should be approved  by Ministry of Justice in the UAE.
All documents from outside the UAE must be certified from the following authorities: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country concerned, the embassy of the UAE, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperations of the UAE.
Is there an electronic payment and fund methods? for example the alimony/ implementation trust funds?
Yes you can use the electronic security payment services through the Dubai courts website
I have a technical issue with the website, I cant complete the procedure?
You can contact the whatsapp services 009714334777
How can I contact the divisions in Dubai courts?
Through the weyak services, an online channel that is provided on the Dubai courts website ( a pre-subscripsion is required