Al Adheed Centers

مراكز العضيد

What is Al Adheed and its objectives?

A service center authorized by the Dubai Courts to provide spicific judicial services, in accordance with the standards of distinguished government services, under the supervision of the concerned committee


  • Enhance happiness standards to maximize customer satisfaction
  • Providing judicial services with the highest standards of government services
  • Smooth and standardize prices in all center's for all segments of society


Where are Al Adheed centers located in Dubai?

Area Makani Number Phone Number
Al Qusais  3693896983 042220525
Al Mateena 3097196355 045264466
Umm Hurair        2934694318 042667901
Oud Metha 2973092813 044040406
Ras Al Khor  3351184777 046060969
Al Yalayis 1653163195 048215151


What are the available services in Al Adheed centers and what are their prices?

Services Prices Remarks
Request of cases and execution registration 262.5 AED The price includes: statement, docket, data entry via Dubai Courts e-system, electronic archiving, and all costs, procedures and request prior to cases registration (adjournment of fees for specified cases, inquiry requests, investigation about the litigants’ information and addresses or real estate acts by the relevant official authorities.)
Request of labor cases registration 105 AED
Request of personal status cases registration 52.50 AED
Requests of personal status authentications (certifications) 105 AED Muslim and non-Muslim inheritance inventory certification
Social status certification (divorce confirmation- marriage survival- non-marriage)
National service certification
Permissions (permission of minor share sale- trade)
Cases requests (smart requests) 31.50 AED Including submission and follow up of the request until issuance of the decision 
Cases requests (smart requests) 21 AED Cases and labor execution (claim less than AED 100 Thousand)
Case Inquiries Free Printing price is (1 Dirham / Page)
Notary public requests 84 AED Power of attorney- acknowledgments- contracts and their addenda- notarial notices- minutes
Obtaining sheet of cases 10.5 AED -
E-payment of trusts 10.5 AED -
Legal translation 84 AED Legal translation “Arabic to English and vice versa” (price per page)
Using hearing chambers remotely 21 AED 3 hours maximum
Inquiries about cases Free of charge  
Wayak service requests Free of charge Such requests shall be submitted after the lapse of 5 working days as of the date of main request.


• All the above-mentioned prices shall be collected in favor of Al Adheed centers, and they include VAT of 5%.
• The above-mentioned prices do not including the cases fees, if any, according to the Judicial Fees in Dubai Courts Law.
• Dubai Courts provides the services of subscription to the smart e-services, including (case registration, reviewing all details thereof, and submitting requests therein), without the need to seek Al Adheed Centers. You can obtain this service by visiting Dubai Courts website WWW.DC.GOV.AE
In the case of complaints or comments, please contact us: Email 


What are the working hours of Al Adheed centers?

The services are available in all centers during the official working hours from 8:00 a.m till 8:00 p.m


The requirements for licensing AL Adheed Service Centers

According to Dubai Courts' policy about licensing Al Adheed Service Centers, kindly note that a decision about the new applications for licensing Al Adheed Service Centers will be taken after the an announcement is made by Dubai Courts about the need to license new centers through official media channels

Required documents to apply for AL Adheed Service Center

  • Applicant CV
  • Copy of Trade License
  • Feasibility Report of project, Proposed Location Map of Service Center and internal preliminary design
  • Copy of ID/ Passport / Family record
  • Primary approval letter of tenancy for the applicant or title deed

Procedure of application for AL Adheed Service Center.



1. Delivery of required documents for licensing AL Adheed Service Center, to be reviewed.
2. Notify the applicant of a meeting appointment with the committee if required :
  • To discuss licensing and observations if any
  • Evaluation of the proposed location according to approved evaluation standards


3. Submitting evaluation results to Senior Management for approval
4. Sending apology letter for the offers that do not meet the standards of AL Adheed Service Center
5. Pre-approval for the offers that meet the standards of AL Adheed Service Center
6. Pre-approved center shall submit the service center’s performance plan within a maximum period of 3 months.
7. Periodic follow up for the work plan and the readiness of the center
8. In case of a failure to comply with the completion date, the delay reasons shall be submitted. New commitment shall be made within a period determined by the competent committee and the service center
9. Upon completion of the center, a report shall be submitted to the senior management about the readiness of the service center for the final approval and signing of contracts.
10. Launch of the service center


Apply for licensing a new center: you can send an email to the following email address