Private Notary of Dubai Court


Some related Defecation stipulated in Law No. 4 of 2013 pertaining Notary in the emirates along it’s amendments of Dubai , and Law 26 of 2021



Notary : Notary includes Notary public, Private Notary, Government employees enrolled in the notary register and electronic Notary.

Notary Public : A government employee appointed at Dubai Courts deputed with specific specialities by virtue of this law.

Special Notary public:  a natural person enrolled in the register to practice specific specialties of notary public by virtue of the law. 

Office: A company or individual establishment licensed by law to practice in the emirate and allowed by the courts to render Notary public services.

Permit : It is an instrument issued by the court to stablish and render notary public services as per terms and procedures stipulated in he law and the decisions taken thereof.


Conditions applied for notary public appointment:

  1. He must be UAE national.
  2. He must be in full legal capacity.
  3. He must have good conduct, not been convicted in a crime of breach of honor or trust, even if he regain rehabilitation or a pardon been issued in his favor
  4. Should have bachelor degree in Law or Sharia and Law, or its equivalent degree from a recognized university or institute in the Emirate.
  5. He must be medically fit for perform his job task.


  1. He must not be terminated from the service by an absolute judgement, or disciplinary final decision.


  1. To pass all the examination and interviews successfully.


  1. Any other conditions determined by Court’s Director issued in this regard.



Government employees


1- The committee may, upon the request of the governmental authorities, register any of its employees in the register, provided that their practice of the functions assigned to them from the work of the public notary is limited to the entity they are affiliated with.


2- The Director of Courts determines the competencies of the employees of government employees who are to be registered in the register.

3- The administration issues a notary card to those who are registered in the register among the employees of government Department. The form of which is determined and the data to be included in it by a decision issued by the Director of Courts.



Conditions for registration in the private notary's registry

1- He must meet the conditions stipulated for appointment of the general public notary. The Director of Dubai Courts may exempt any person who is fluent in writing and speaking of Arabic language, either from Local citizens or others, from the conditions of citizenship requirement stipulated in general notary public appointment.


2- He must be free to practice the specific tasks assigned to him as a notary public, unless the Director of Dubai Courts agrees, based on the recommendation regarding the employees of government entity who required to be registered, or upon recommendation of the committee for a person who practices one of the licensed professions in the Emirate to practice as a notary in addition to his job or profession, as the case may be.  This approval is issued in accordance with the conditions determined by a decision of the Director of Courts in this regard.


3- He must have worked in judicial or legal jobs for a period not less than two years in the country.

4- Payment of  the prescribed  ( requisite) registration fee.

5- Any other conditions determined by a decision of the Director of Courts in this regard.


Procedures of enrolling in Private Notary :

1- Application form prepared for enrolling in the register shall be submitted to the Department, supported by the required documents.

(All documents shall be sent separately in PDF format to the Private Notary Affairs Department e-mail:

2- The Department will refer the registration request to the Notary Public Affairs Committee, to study and decide in accordance with the conditions and requirements stipulated in the law and the decisions issued pursuant thereto.

3- The Department issues card of Private Notary to those who are selected, and the Director of Courts shall issue a decision for its form and data included.


Office permit

A private notary must conduct his business through an office.

Those who apply for a permit must meet the following conditions:


  1. Shall be the owner or manager of the established private notary public  


2.The office should be appropriate to receive the customers and carry out the powers and tasks of the notary public, and to be equipped with the facilities and requirements specified by the courts.

3.Presenting a valid insurance policy for the duration of the permit against liability for professional errors, issued by one of the insurance companies licensed in the Emirate, and the Director of Courts shall specify the amount of insurance and the manner of implementation of the policy.

4-Pay the prescribed fee for the office permit

5-Any other conditions determined by the Director of Courts in accordance with the decisions issued by him in this regard.



Procedures of license issuance:

  1. The permit application shall be submitted to the Department in accordance with the form prepared for this purpose, supported by the required documents.
  2. The Department will refer the permit request to the committee for study and verification that fulfills the conditions stipulated under this law and the decisions issued thereunder.
  3. After issuing the permit, the Department shall enter all the basic data related to the office, address, personal information of owner and manager of the office, the private notary’s employees within the database established for this purpose.