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Execution Court

About the court and its jurisdiction
One of the specialized Courts in Courts of First Instance that is presided over by a judge who, in terms of administrative supervision, reports to the Court President of the Courts of First Instance. The Court is composed of a number of circuits, and each circuit is presided over by a single judge. It has the jurisdiction to consider and adjudicate the execution of executive bonds and all summary and substantive disputes, save for the disputes excluded by the law under a specific provision, such as lawsuit for recovery of movables and for entitlement to a property. The jurisdiction of the Court includes, for example, but not limited to: 

1- Implementation of judgements issued by all types of Dubai Courts, except for the Criminal Court 
2- Implementation of the judgements rendered by Dubai International Financial Centre
3- Implementation of letters rogatory from within and outside the State
4- Implementation of foreign judgments 
5- Execution of attachments 
6- Summary lawsuits
7- Orders on petitions 
8- Adjudication of execution disputes 
9- Adjudication of grievances
10- Real estate sales 

Fees payable to the Court
Fees against lawsuits and applications are paid according to Local Fees Law applicable in the Emirate of Dubai.