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Aim and Goal

Welcome to the electronic gate to Dubai courts. We would like to inform you that the following terms of use shall be applied to you as a user of this service.

The objectives of the courts' policy are to determine the principles that are necessary for a smooth use of these services by the users in order to obtain the maximum satisfaction in using the electronic service of the Courts of Dubai.

The purpose of the current terms of use is to determine your obligations as a user when using the service through direct electronic connection to the services displayed through the electronic access to Dubai Courts.


Intellectual Property Rights

All rights, including copyrights and database at the site of Dubai courts, and its contents, are owned and licensed to the Courts of Dubai.

The user acknowledges and agrees that the contents and articles available at this site, are protected by laws governing copyrights, trademarks, service marks, patents and trade secrets and other intellectual property rights and trade transactions.

You are required to abstain from using these intellectual rights for other purposes inconsistent with the terms and conditions of use defined hereinafter, and accordingly you shall not be allowed to use or display them for any other purpose or any reason whatsoever, unless you obtain a previous written authorization from the Courts of Dubai.

Nothing mentioned herein gives, in any manner whatsoever, users or third parties any property rights or interests in any other intellectual rights concerning the courts of Dubai including any software or relative documents used in this service.

You shall be liable for any infringement and/or breach of the intellectual property rights of Courts of Dubai and/or third parties.

Should any infringement or violation be committed by third parties concerning your intellectual property as regards the contents you send to the Courts of Dubai or should any infringement or a violation of the intellectual property rights or property rights of third parties, please contact us by email at 


Scope of Liability - and non-liability of the Department

Under any circumstance, the courts of Dubai shall not be liable to any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, special or exceptional damages emanating from the use or inability to use the electronic gate of the Courts of Dubai.

This condition shall be applicable whatever the type of liability claimed may be. You agree that the Courts of Dubai shall not be responsible for the content, or information or any other material displayed on other sites that are accessed though web links available at the electronic gate of Courts of Dubai, and it shall not be responsible for the use of the services of other sites.


Scope of service

It includes, for example and not limited to; services provided for the public that require no password or private services requiring a password to access, like the services offered to law offices, companies, parties or experts. The department is working on updating its systems and programs to comply with its policy, the clients wishes and aspirations to these services that go beyond their expectations.

Scope of Terms of Use- and the authority of the department to modify them
Through its site, the Courts of Dubai provide the users with several electronic services. Any new services shall be subject to the current terms of use, unless otherwise provided by a written agreement.

Courts of Dubai reserve the right to modify, cancel and/or suspend, at any time without prior notice, any part of the services. You agree that Courts of Dubai are not responsible, towards you, in any form whatsoever, on account of this amendment, cancellation, termination or suspension of all or any of these services.

The user is bound to provide all the information required for proper registration, such as the name, address and all other required information mentioned in the registration form.

Once the registration completed, you shall be solely responsible for any wrong expressions, incorrect or fraudulent information sent by you and/or through the services.

The user is required to update the information given by him to the Courts of Dubai immediately after any subsequent modification if any, or due to any other circumstances.

Without prejudice to any indemnities to be paid to Courts of Dubai or any other indemnity resulting from the breach of this agreement, any deliberate fraud, submission of wrong information or wrong usage of the services of Courts of Dubai, in violation to the current terms of use, shall result in the suspension and/or termination of your account with Courts of Dubai. In addition to the above, the infringer shall incur criminal liability in accordance with the laws in force.

At its discretion, the Department reserves its right to accept or reject your application to register at the site of courts of Dubai for any reason, and/or according to the current terms of use specified herein. Pursuant to registration, Courts of Dubai shall open an account in your name and provide you with the password.

The user is required to maintain the secrecy of the password, and he shall be responsible for all the transactions carried out through his account and by the use of his password.

You must verify that you sign out of your account after finishing your account activities and you shall assume the full responsibility for any prejudice that you may sustain as a result of the non-observance thereof. You are bound to respect all applicable laws and local and international regulations, including those concerning data transfer. You are required to verify that the subject, content, information terms, your electronic mail and published content or other do not include, and without limitation, any writings full of hate, or obscene, flagrant, abusive, deceitful or illegal.


Prohibited works

You agree not to send by email or uploading through the services of Courts of Dubai:

Any software containing program or other viruses with intent to deteriorate files, data, software, programs, computer machines or systems, or tools of communication.

Any content you are not licensed to use, whether in whole or in part, or to publish, reproduce or that includes an infringement or a violation to the intellectual property right of third parties.

In using the service of the Courts of Dubai, you are neither going to impersonate any person or present yourself under a false identity, nor shall you use the account of another user unless authorized by that user.

You are not going to use the services of the Courts of Dubai to make copies, reproduce, publish, sell all or some of the services for commercial purposes without a written authorization from the department. You must not use the services in a manner that violates any local or international laws in effect or contravenes with any of the protocols related to the Internet.

Acknowledgment of acceptance of the terms and be bound by them - acceptance of all updated modified terms
Using this site shall be considered an acceptance of the conditions and provisions mentioned therein. The Courts of Dubai reserves the right to review all the mentioned terms of use at any time and to publish any modification or change of these conditions on its site on the worldwide electronic net.

The user shall be deemed responsible for verification of any changes or amendments. Continuous usage of the site in the light of any changes or amendment that may occur on conditions and provisions mentioned therein, shall be considered an acceptance by the user for the modified terms and provisions


Termination of service

Courts of Dubai may transfer or delete; at its sole discretion, any content and information if considered a cause for opposition from its part for any reason such as, violation of any of the current terms of use, any applicable law or instructions related to it, or entered by previous users without notifying Courts of Dubai of their identity in advance.

Any violation to any of the current terms of use shall cause the closure of your account with Courts of Dubai and immediate termination of all your transactions, without a prior notice.



The cancellation of one or several clause of these terms- for illegality or non enforceability, shall not affect other terms as being enforceable and producing their effects.


Disputes, Arbitration and the applicable law

The user accepts the current terms of use- and all future amendments-. Any dispute that shall arise from this service concerning interpretation or execution shall be settled through arbitration according to the laws of the United Arab Emirates and shall be subject to the territorial jurisdiction of the Courts of Dubai.