Attestation  of Special power of Attorney in Tenancy Disputes

DC:Record ' Description of Notary Public Services:Powers of Attorney
This service allows customers to attain a duly attested special power of attorney related to tenancy disputes.  It is a document by the virtue of which the person empowers an Attorney to present him on his behalf  in a to start the procedures and follow up the tenancy dispute with the competent authorities.
 Companies, Local citizens and expatriates have right to apply for this service.
 This service requires legal capacity of contacting parties and the physical presence of the service applicant or his representative with attested  Power of attorney,  or any duly attested legal documents, to sign before the notary public
This service is provided by the Attestation Division at all the branches of notary public Department.
Terms and conditions 
1. The parties of the contract should attend personally or one who presented them legally of religionally.
2. The parties of the contract has capacity and authorization to do contract.
3. The documents which need to be certified should be official and the one which issued outside country should be certified from; the foreign affairs for that country,UAE embassy in that coutry, UAE foreign affairs and it should be translated into Arabic by lagal translations and certified it form ministry of justice or notary public.
4. Paid the legal fees.
Required Documents
1.Produce  the original of  identity documents (identity card) and copies thereof .
2.Produce the original documents to prove parties? capacity and and copies thereof  .
3.Produce  the documents that shall be authenticated, in case of not using electronic orders.
Service Fees 
1. Attestation on General or Special (Private) Powers of Attorney
100 dhs
2. Attestation of the document  before  General  Notary Public is .AED 300 for every page of the document
300 dhs
3. Application of  additional copy of the document AED 5 for every page of the document
5 dhs
4. Postponed completion of the transaction after registration upon request of the concerned parties is AED 500
500 dhs
5. Entering transaction data electronically by the Notary Public.AED 100 for the signature of each  party
100 dhs
6. Knowledge fee
10 dhs
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