Application for Affirmation of Social Status of Social Security

DC:Attestations  Relating to Personal Status:Attestations
This service allows Attestations  of forms of social guarantee department at the Ministry of Social Affairs, of the social status of the applicant.
 This service allows the citizen applicant to authenticate her representation and testimony of her two witnesses that she is still divorcee, widow or grass widow, has no supporter, not employed and has no source to earn living together with the witnesses' joint commitment to manage the social guarantee at the Ministry of Social Affairs to refund all disbursements made to her, if their testimony is invalid.
 This service requires the referral of Attestations  form by the Social Guarantee Department at the Ministry of Social Affairs. 
 This service is provided by the Personal Status Services Division in the main building of Dubai Courts.
Terms and conditions 
1. Service for UAE national of Dubai and expatriate residing in Dubai
Required Documents
1.Produce speciman certificate from Dept.of Social Security of Ministry of Social Affairs
Access Channels
Access Channel Type
2.Over the counter
Delivery Channels
2.Over the counter