Application for Guardianship Transfer to Husband

DC:Attestations  Relating to Personal Status:Matrimonial Contracts and Matters
This service allows the applicant to request permission of the guardianship transfer to the next guardian in the order of inheritance, for interrupted absence of, ignorance of place of or incapability to contact the nearest guardian. 
This service is provided by the Personal Status Services Division in the Personal Status court building- ALGarhood
Terms and conditions 
1. Presence of the Applicant
2. Presence of tow Muslem's Witnesses
3. If the nearest Guardian is disconnected or his whereabouts is unknown
4. A service for the Locals of Dubai Emirate the other Locals, Forigners and Residents of Dubai
Required Documents
1.To produce Identity Cards
2.Documents prooving the death or absence of the nearest Guardian
3.To produce a document showing the relationship degree with whom the Guardianship will be transfered to
Access Channels
Access Channel Type
2.Over the counter
Delivery Channels
1.Over the counter