Application for Entering into a Marriage Contract

DC:Attestations  Relating to Personal Status:Matrimonial Contracts and Matters
This service allows conclusion of lawful marriage contract between man and woman lawfully permissible for the man to be married.
This service requires submission of medical report required to conclude the contract issued by formal body in the state.
Subject to the marriage conditions of female citizens holding state passports, their marriage conditions of non-citizens, conditions of certain Emirates and marriage conditions of citizens of certain countries, citizens and residents of Muslims who enjoy full marriage capacity shall have the right to apply for this service, if either party to contract is resident in Dubai.
The marriage capacity is complete by being mature, adult and of 18 years old for whoever is not yet adult.
Whoever is adult but not yet eighteen years old may only marry by permission of the judge, having investigated the interest. 
Whoever is 18 years and not yet 21 years old, must obtain permission of his curator or guardian, or leave of court in case of their rejection.
This service is provided by the Personal Status Services Division  in the Personal Status court building- ALGarhood
Terms and conditions 
1. Presence of parties of the Marriage Contract (Would be husband, Would be wife and Would be wife's Guardian plus tow Men Muslems Witnesses.
2. In case of death of Would be wife's Guardian her nearest Guardian should  present and he could be as follows )the Son, Brother, Nephew, Oncle and the Cousin.
3. If any one of the Contract Parties could not attend the Marriage Contract ,he can nominate a representative under an official and attested Power of Attorney to act on behalf of him.
4. If the age of the Couples is less than 18 years old or Would be husband's age is twice Would be wife's age they should show the matter to the Endorsement's Judge.
5. If the two Couples are U.A.E Locals the Dowery in advance should not exceed twenty thousands and the later Dowery balance) not exceed thirty thousands) .A.E.D
6. Additional conditions for U.A.E Locals Marriage
7. If there is a Local has a Passport issued from Ajman Emirate and he wants marry to a non G.C.C. Lady , he should bring a non objection letter from Ajman Shariaa Court.
8. U.A.E Local Ladies who want marry to Expatriate, and Local Ladies of Dubai Emirate who want marry to the Holders of U.A.E Passports with out Nationality they should:
9. Would be husband should bring a certificate (of Good Conduct (for non G.C.C. Locals
10. Would be husband and Would be wife should sign on the related acknowledgment
11. Additional conditions for Expatriaies Marriage:
12. Saudis,Omanis, Qataris and Kwaitis )men and women if they want marry to non G.C.C Locals it required to bring approvel letters from the Concerned Authorities in their Contries and it should be duly attested.
13. Bahrainis:if a Bahraini Local wants marry to Non Bahraini Lady it required to bring a duly attested permission from the Concerned Bahraini Authorities.
14. Libyans males: if a Libyan male want marrry to a Non Libyan Lady he should bring an approval letter from the Concerned Authorities in Libya and it should be dully attested.
15. Yemeni Ladies: to do the Marriage Contract for Yemeni Ladies they should bring an approval letter from the Concerned Authorities in their Country and it should be duly attested.
16. Lebanese Ladies: to do their Marriage  Contract it requires to bring the Family Civil Register and the Personal Civil Register which should not be older than three months and it should be duly attested from the Concerned Authorities in their Country.
17. Moroccan Ladies:it requires to bring a Singleness Certificate which should not be older than three months duly attested from the Concerned Authorities in their Country.
18. Conditions of doing the Marriage Contract for the Residents out side the Court:
19. If the Marriage Parties (Would be husband, Would be wife and Would be wife's Guardian) are Muslems and one of them has a valid residence in Dubai one of the authorized Maazoons can do the Marriage procedures for them out side the Court according to the above mentioned terms and conditions.
Required Documents
9.To produce a document proof that Would be husband, Would be wife and Would be wife's Guardian (any part of the contract) is a resident, lives or works in Dubai.
1.To produce original Identity Cards for the concerned parties and the witnesses.
2.Would be husband and Would be wife should produce a medical test report from a Governmental Hospital inside the Country and it should be according to the  approved model of the Health Authority.
3.In case of death of Would be wife's father they should produce a Death Certificate.
4.In case of divorce or widowhood of Would be wife they should produce an official document prooving that she is divorced or widow and it should be stamped by the executional manifesto if it is a Judgment issued inside the Country.
5.For Would be wife converted recently to islam she should produce Islam Certificate plus a Marital Staus Certificate from her Country or her Country's Embassy For the new Muslim certificate requires disclosure of the Islam, and if they proceed period mentioned you must attach certification from the Islamic Center of Islamic Affairs and charitable activities Department that passing cycle of Islamic culture, and for new Muslim the certificate in social status (unmarried) of her or her embassy without the consent of the guardian.
6.An official Power of Attorney of the absent party during the Marriage Contract.
7.Any document issued from abroad it should be attested from the following entities: Ministry of Forign Affairs in that Country, Ministry of Forign Affairs of U.A.E, and translated legally into Arabic Language from  Ministry of Justice if it was not in Arabic.
8.Any document issued from a Consulate or Embassy inside U.A.E should be attested from Ministry of Forign Affairs and translated into Arabic Language a legal translation approved from Ministry of Justice.
Service Fees 
1. Registration Fee
200 dhs
2. Knowledge Dirham
10 dhs
3. Innovation Dirham
10 dhs
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