Application for  Cornfirmation of Care

DC:Attestations  Relating to Personal Status:Kinship  and Custody
This service allows the customer to prove and authenticate his representation that he takes care of a parent or whoever has the right to be taken care of and has his living affairs managed by him. 
Either of the related parties must be citizen or holds passport of the state and enjoys lawful and legal capacity.
 The proof of degree of kinship with the person taken care of must be submitted, and he has to appear if adult.
The person taken care of must have no sponsor or capable relative who have the priority to provide care over the applicant.
This service is provided by the Personal Status Services Division  in the Personal Status court building- ALGarhood
Terms and conditions 
1. presence of the Applicant
2. presence of two Muslim witnesses
3. Preesnce of supported subject or his deputy for confirmation
4. There should not be any sponsor or solvent relative more liable to take care of the subject more than the applicant
5. This service is for the citizens of Dubai and UAE citizens and Expatriates residing in Dubai
Required Documents
1.Produce ID card
2.Present a proof of relationship degree with the supported person
3.Should submit a certificate to prove the need of supported Subject due to his sickness or childhood
Service Fees 
1. Registration Fee
200 dhs
2. Knowledge Dirham
10 dhs
3. Innovation Dirham
10 dhs
Access Channels
Access Channel Type
2.Over the counter
Delivery Channels
1.Over the counter