Application for Confirmation of Maturity

DC:Attestations  Relating to Personal Status:Establishment of Fact
This service allows the customer under trusteeship or guardianship through the court to prove that he reached age of majority i.e. twenty one lunar years and enjoys mental capabilities qualifying him to run his financial matters by himself.
Citizens and Dubai residents who enjoy lawful and legal capacity shall have the right to apply for this service.
This service is provided by the Personal Status Services Division in the Personal Status court building- ALGarhood
Terms and conditions 
1. Attendance of the Applicant and his Guardian or Custodian
2. The Applicant - the Minor-  has to complete 21 Lunar years old
3. In case of death of the Custodian a copy of the death certificate to be attached , and in case if no custodian was appointed in the inheretance limitation declaration
4. This service is for the citizens of Dubai and UAE citizens and Expatriates residing in Dubai
Required Documents
1.Produce the original ID documents (UAE Nationals: national ID required )
2.Produce the original inheritance limitation certificate
3.Death certificate of the Custodian in case of his death
4.Produce the letter of approval  Confirmation of Maturity of Awqaf ' Minors Affairs Foundation who apply for the  certificate under her care.
Service Fees 
1. Registration Fee
200 dhs
2. Knowledge Dirham
10 dhs
3. Innovation Dirham
10 dhs
Access Channels
Access Channel Type
2.Over the counter
Delivery Channels
2.Over the counter