Privacy and Security Statement


Our Commitments

Dubai government is committed to respect your privacy and to protect your personal information, acknowledging our commitment to protect the security of your sensitive information we prepared the security and privacy policy to acquaint you with the current practices in information management on our web sites.

The laws of privacy and security practiced in the United Arab Emirates and the Emirate of Dubai governs the handling of personal information in Dubai Government's Departments, and we are committed to protect your privacies wither you are browsing just to get information or you are concluding electronic deals with the Government.


The collection and usage of Electronic Information

When you visit any of our sites we will not take your personal information unless you chose to receive any of our products or electronic services, in transactions involving the use of credit cards, the government systems employ highly advanced protection protocols to insure confidentiality and security of information and systems.


Keeping IP Addresses

Our intranet server keeps records of your IP addresses automatically when you visit our site ( IP address is ID number of your computer which allows other computer systems connected with the internet to determine the data sender. This does not disclose your identity. (we use IP address to help in detect our server problems and for statistic of site visitors).


Use of Cookies

Some Government sites uses cookies files. However these files help users' easy movement on the site. The cookies also help you, if you wish to "remember" the password for your easy and swift access on those sites. These files are saves on hard disc of your computer. Please note that the government sites cookies files are encrypted which make others to read.


Protection of Personal Information

Your personal information are available only for Government employees who need to see them, no one else is given access to your information without your consent. Your personal information will not be shared, transferred or sold to a third party without your consent. Your personal information is restricted to employee commissioned to offer Dubai Government services competent with your transaction on our site.
If you suspect that your personal information stored or transmitted on our website has been infringed or accessed illegally by any way, Please contact  and we will take the necessary measures to ensure that your data is protected according to the highest security standards.


Important Note

Some of our Web sites are linked to other sites created and managed by other institutions, whether public or private. We offer these links for your information and interests, and when you access any sites of these links, you are logging off Dubai Government site, and therefore our information management policies are no longer applied there.