This services allows litigants to appeal against a judgment before the Appeal Court whether issued in their favor or against them by requesting its amendment or cancellation.
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Contestation of judgements
This is a service provided to clients related to registration for all types of appeals, whether before the Appeal Court or Supreme Court or for seeking a petition to reconsider judgments.
All litigants - as per the Civil Procedure Code
• Upload the statement of the appeal and Docket that contains (supporting documents) in PDF format.
• Upload the trade license for companies and institutions in PDF format.
All documents should be soft copies in PDF format, provided that the same shall be translated into Arabic as legal translation approved by the Ministry of Justice in the UAE, and if issued from outside the country, the same shall be certified by the official authorities: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the concerned country, the UAE embassy in the concerned country and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, UAE.
• Fee to appeal the judgment issued in cases of personal status, except for judgments issued in alimony (100 dirhams).
• Appeal fee for judgments issued in cases other than personal status cases (50%) of the fee collected before the Court of First Instance.
• 25% of the fee collected in the first degree stage if the appeal is contained in a ruling issued in a sub-issue that does not end the litigation and has the effect of stopping the proceeding of the case.
• Upon the filing an appeal against the legal cases, the appellant must deposit the court's treasury insurance amounting to (1000) thousand dirhams.
• Judgments issued within the limits of the final quorum of the first instance courts may be appealed. In these cases, the appellant must deposit the treasury of the court, upon filing the appeal, a deposit of (2000) thousand dirhams.

Fixed fees to appeal the case: -
1- Appealing the decision issued to stop the lawsuit 300 dirhams
2- Appealing the judgment issued refusing to pay the lack of jurisdiction 500 dirhams
3- Grievance against describing the judgment as an accelerated enforcement before the Court of Appeal 300 dirhams
4- Appealing the decisions or orders of the execution judge 300 dirhams
5- Request to stop the execution of the contested judgment, 300 dirhams
Service Channels
Dubai Courts website (Prior registration is required)
Government service centers
Authorized law firms
Customer Journey
1. Registration of appeal
2. Review the Office of the cases preparation
3. Attend the sessions
4. verdict
Electronic appeal judgment
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