Special Court of Inheritance

Allows litigants to obtain the services of the  Special Court of Inheritance of all kinds (civil - commercial - real estate - personal status). Thereafter a final judgment shall be  issued, including  irrevocable  judgment with urgent execution. This judgment  may be  reversed  by  submitting an application of reconsideration  in specific cases  as stipulated in the Code of Civil Procedure.
Main Service 
This service is provided by Dubai Courts  for clients to register all  kinds of cases according to jurisdiction thereof.
- Heirs
- Other  than heirs of the relationship or interest
Upload claim petition  with attached (supporting documents) electronically.
Upload the decision of the preparation judge  which approves  the registration of a case in PDF format.
Issuance of referral decision issued by the Judge of inheritance of Personal Status Court- to Special Court of inheritance in related case's file thereof in the following types: (civil – commercial – real estate – personal status).
• All documents must be upload online and in PDF format with legal Arabic translation , attested by the Ministry of Justice in the UAE. If these document are issued from outside the country,  must be attested by official authorities thereof. The  Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the concerned country , the UAE Embassy ,and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in the United Arab Emirates.
Personal Status :
• A fee of  AED 100 is collected for each application, not exceeding  AED 2000.
• Money Matters and Succession( Adding and Removing a heir): Review Dubai Courts judicial fees list.
Other types:
• the case that includes  valued claim application : a fee of 6% of the case value is collected, provided that it is not less than  AED 500 and not exceeding AED (40,000).
• The case that does not  include valued claim application :  fee of AED (12,001) is collected.
Service Channels
- Dubai Courts Head Quarter
- Dubai Courts website (Prior registration is required)
- Government service centers
- Authorized law firms
Customer Journey
• case registration
• Visit the Case Preparation Office
• Attending sessions in front of the case preparation office.
• Issuance of a decision to refer the case to the competent judicial department.
• Attending sessions before the judicial body.
• Issuance of Judgement
Issuance of a final judgment which includes urgent execution.
* Please note that this service requires authentication