About Notary Public

Which legislation does regulate the tasks of the Notary Public?
1.Federal Law No.22 of 1991 regarding Notary public
2. Ministerial Resolution No.2 of 1993 of Notary public transactions fees.
3. Instructions, orders and bulletins and letters issued from his highness, the ruler and his esteemed court.

What is the academic qualification that a notary should have?

1. Bachelors in Law from any recognized university or 2- bachelors in Sharia and law from any recognized university .
Is there someone who carry out Notary's job outside the country?
Yes, he will notarized from consulate abroad.

What is the source of reference for Notary Public if: -
1. I would like to request him to conduct a transaction outside
 his office?
2. declined to attest my document?
The referring authority of Notary public is Chief Justice of First Instance Court. For the first situation, you should submit a written application to the Chief Justice of First Instance Court.