Dubai Courts provide a series of knowledge that enable to achieve its vision and mission, along with offering a package of knowledge services addressed to various category of the society:

Familiarization with Legislations Service:

Dubai Courts offer this free of cost service to different segments of society which enables them to acquaint with the laws and the amendments thereto, regulations, decrees, rulings, Bylaws, circulars and explanatory notes containing sub laws of civil, administrative, commercial, criminal and international common and special . in line with official sources, this service is available according to the following:

Notes: -  Legislations Published in our site as laws do not include all legislation and it could contain error when transferred from the original publications and Dubai Courts are not responsible for any errors in the legislative texts.

-  This service is provided mainly in Arabic language. 

Fundamental of law service:

Whereas this service enables legal researchers , institutes, legal offices, government and private concerns and individuals to review the provisions and fundamental issued by the Court of Cassation in the Emirate of Dubai in penal , civil, commercial, labor and personal status matters starting from the year 1988, This service can be accessed electronically through the website of the Dubai Courts, and through a program of Apple store website, printed by Dubai Courts Legal Library.

Service Features:

  • Allow Access To The Legal Fundamental , Its Summary And The Detailed Judgment.
  • The Possibility Of Surfing By Index And To Get Informed About Fundamental And Judgments.
  • Possibility To Search By Type, Year And The Principle Number.
  • Possibility To Search By Word Or Sentence.

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